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Sharing the "Wealth"

Like everyone, I have endured many challenging professional experiences and had to work closely with individuals that would not have been on my list of favourite people. Some would say “that’s why we get paid the big-bucks”. Regardless, the key question for me is what to do with the multitude of learnings I have acquired over more than 25 years as a health executive. Recently I was privileged to have the opportunity to provide leadership coaching to a bright young enthusiastic woman who had been promoted to the position of Executive Director. Our conversations primarily related to the challenges she was facing. While the specifics were unique to her and her organization, every one of her conundrums were ones which I had dealt with myself. What a delight it was to have someone else derive some benefit from my own experiences, failures and successes, all with the benefit of hindsight and reflection.

Canadian Health IT exports

The US Health IT initiatives are encouraging innovative Canadian companies to look south for business expansion. This week we participated in Mobile Monday an event in Philadelphia that brings technology leaders together to discuss portable application solutions. There were four Canadian companies represented, Life:wire an medical SMS service company, IdealLife a medical device manufacturer, Manyeta a Home telemetry company and yours truely representing Clarity Health Journal. Innovation in healthcare being exported to the US market will also benefit Canadian Healthcare. It does seem that these solution providers are paving the road to better healthcare on both sides of the border.

CIHI 2010 Changes Coming ...

Just thought that I would drop in a little note to all to let you know that we are currently working on implementing the mandated CIHI (2010) changes to the Clarity Healthcare CCRS, MHRS and NRRS modules. This year, CIHI has made some significant changes to all of the modules. These changes include - new Assessment fields - removed Assessment fields - updated Edit Rules (as always) - and most importantly this year - changes to the Outcome Measures in the modules